Hire a Business Coach or

a People Business Partner

Overwhelmed? Running out of time? Need an outside-in perspective? 

- Do you need a helping hand?  

Your People Business Partner

I am driven by deliveries that make sense to people, optimisation and implementing new ways of working in order to increase business profit. I have a people first mindset and my key contribution is strengthening the organizational agility and that way create a path to customer centricity.

I'm specialized in People & Culture strategy, employee life cycle, organisational development, talent management and organisational change management, in diverse settings across units and industries. 4 things to say about me:

1.  Strategic advisor & sparring partner with a growth mindset

2. Brings the management & team together and deliver to the agreed quality and time.

3. Understand corporate business strategy and have the ability to impact business improvement

4. Thrive and excel at all 3 levels, strategically, tactically and operationally

During my 20+ years of transforming business, I have learned that the true game changer is rethinking the talent strategy on the run, focusing on employee engagement, cross-collaboration, well-aligned leaders, change agility, trust leadership and ensuring HR & IT departments remain a value-adding function.

People own the people and culture agenda

It take small efforts to be kind

Yep, it is actually okay to think big

We are all sales folks

No politics and bull shxxxx  bingo, thanks!

There is no finish line

Before you go bananas, find people where they are  - who are your customers? network of stakeholders? and what is your purpose of being?

Stay curious embrace failure or die

Remember work is not everything but a great part of life - do what you belief is great, do what you love to do and do it with the people you value most.

Free up your time and improve work performance

Maybe you are a fast growing company feeling owerwhelmed and/or need to re-think and re-design? Or maybe you are running a small business, and you can't afford to hire a People Business Partner full time. Don’t you worry – I have 20+ yrs. of experience within the field and I will be happy to offer you a helping hand.


Sparring Partner

  1. People & Culture strategy
  2. Leadership & business coaching
  3. Governance operating model,e.g. How to bridge Lean, SAFe and Holacracy. 
  4. Organisational change management
  5. Scalable growth
  6. Hybride work model
  7. Employer branding, talent strategy & agile mobility marketplace
  8. Diversity, equity and inclusion into each touchpoints of the employee lifecycle 
  9. Reimagin total rewards strategy
  10. Internal communication strategy - engage and connect people

(Re)-Design & Development

  1. Business agility - a shift from a hierarchy to a network structured organisation.
  2. How to break down silos and merge talent acquisition, performance and learning & development
  3. Talent strategy
  4. Learning strategy & digital enablers
  5. Leaderhship programmes - from micromanaging to supporting self-organised teams
  6. Create repeatable 'How To' and playbooks
  7. Internal communication strategy & execution

People Optimisation & Operation

Daily operation and optimisation of people processess e.g.

  1. First port of call to employees and partners, for all people related queries
  2. Handle the majority of employee documentation and compliance.
  3. Hiring & on-boarding 
  4. Succesion planning & Internal marketplace
  5. Connect people via communication platforms, people analytics and polls 
  6. Run transformation programmes/projects